Rashid Burney
BPI – Building Analyst, Envelope, Heating, Cooling, Multifamily, Certified Level II Infrared Thermographer, Licensed NJ Home Inspector. University of IL: BSc Business Administration, MBA Certificate: Wharton – Finance.

For 20 years now, Rashid Burney has been involved in the construction trade. The last 12 years of these years, he has led his own company in gutting homes, and rebuilding them completely as super-energy efficient homes, comfortable and safe homes. These homes were outfitted with new bathrooms, new kitchens, new insulation, walls, paint, molding etc.  The last three years, he has focused his company’s energies towards offering homeowners services to make NJ homes more energy efficient.  In the last three years over 300 homes in NJ have been upgraded to super energy efficient homes by replacing the heating and cooling systems, adding insulation, weatherization and other measures.  This vast experience of home construction and energy efficiency is brought to you on every job done.  Whenever asked what should a homeowner prioritize, Rashid’s answer always starts with “if this were my home here is what I would do…”. Rashid today lives in Plainfield NJ with his wife and family. He enjoys cooking, hiking and photography.

Vanessa Sykes
Comfort Specialist
Villanova U: BS Mechanical Engineering

Vanessa is a comfort specialist. She has a strong background in the design of mechanical systems, and in addition she has extensive project management experience managing large commercial energy efficient projects. Vanessa’s role now is that of meeting with customers and designing solutions for customers that fit their comfort, safety, and fiscal priorities. She lives in Somerset and enjoys entertaining friends at her home as well as going to the beach.

Christopher Badger
Senior Energy Analyst
Building Performance Institute/Building Analyst

Chris is a Senior Energy Analyst. He performs energy audits. He has 10 years of experience working in the residential field and has spent 5 years serving our country in the Armed Forces. In 2002 Chris was Honerably discharged from the military.  He specializes in his knowledge of the residential construction process, building methods and materials, and construction techniques for single-family and multi-family dwellings. While visiting the home he evaluates a customer’s energy consumption, gathers data about the home, and identifies areas of inefficiency within the building envelope. Chris then utilizes building information modeling software to design targeted strategies to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of the customer’s home. He lives in N. Plainfield and enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Neal Neals
Senior Energy Analyst
BPI: Building Analyst, Envelope, Heating, and Proctor, St. Peter’s College: BS Political Science and American History, RSES Certification Type I and Type II, Lead Abatement Supervisor Certification, OSHA 10 Certification.

Neal is a Senior Energy Analysts. He conducts energy audits, where he assesses how much energy the home uses and evaluates what measures can be taken to improve energy efficiency. He also performs quality control, making sure that everything is as efficient as possible, and tests homes for effective energy saving measures. Neal lives in South Brunswick, where to loves to spend his time barbecuing. He says eight hours of slow cooking is his thing. 

Alexandra Casallas
BSc Civil Engineering

Alexandra helps take data from the auditors and enters them into our site-energy-simulation sofrware packages: Wrightsoft and RHA.  From this energy modeling, Alexandra applies your proposed energy imporvements and from that we get our most critical piece of information: What are your projected savings to be and what level of rebate and incentive will your home be eligable for.  Alexandra likes hiking, cooking, watching moves when she is not helping change the world one home at a time.

Lauren Marricco
Client Relationship Manager

Lauren makes sure that our customers are happy at the end of the day. With her years of industry experience, she knows the answers to the questions they may have and takes steps to make sure everything is running smoothly. Lauren helps manage all incoming calls, prepares customer contracts, schedules audit appointments, and manages the sales team. She makes sure the team is running in the most efficient manner possible when they finish their audits and contracts. Lauren lives in Maplewood and loves going to see new movies in theaters.

Audrey Jiofack
Office Manager
U of Douala: MSc Banking and Finance

Audrey makes sure the office runs smoothly every day. Her strong background in Accounting and Finance means she has an eye for each and every detail. In addition to managing the company’s finances, Audrey prepares all customer agreements, maintains the scheduling calendars and personally quality checks all paperwork submitted to the state for rebate and customer-loan processing.  Audrey is currently (Jan 2013) taking her BPI Building Analyst and Envelope certification courses.  Audrey today lives in Elizabeth NJ with her family and on weekends you may find her at the movies, reading or cooking something new.

Miguel Diaz
Field Crew Leader
OSHA Safety, BPI Insulation Install

Miguel is a lead installer of building envelope measures including weatherization and insulation.  Miguel also performs energy test outs and handles customer service questions as they arise.  Miguel brings a can-go attitude to the company and is one of the shining stars of the company and a quick learner. He always makes sure the customer’s expectations are exceeded, and all the work is performed to the highest standards.  Miguel is a deeply religious person for whom faith is very important. Miguel is taking part-time courses to futher his involvement in his church.

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