July 23, 2015

At Building Sciences, we specialize in helping homeowners with oil to gas conversions. With a proper energy audit, air sealing, insulation, and high efficiency appliances, typical homes save thousands on their energy bills over the lifetime of the home. We'll outline a few reasons why oil-to-gas is a no-brainer for homeowners with the option.

  1. Oil is more than double of gas. You read that right-- DOUBLE. One Gallon of home heating oil produces about 140,000 btu's of heat and costs just a hair over $3 per gallon-- let's call it 3 to be safe. As of April 2015, Natural gas costs $7.36 per million btu's (one cubic foot of natural gas produces roughly 1,000 btu's of heat). This means that the same energy in a gallon of oil costs $1.03 in gas today. Can you ever imagine oil dropping below a dollar per gallon again? Is this the 80's? With the natural gas boom in America keeping to drive prices lower and turmoil in the middle east driving up oil prices, it looks like gas will continue to remain much cheaper than oil in the years to come.

  2. Oil is dirtier than gas, and is worse on resident's health and the environment. Obviously any fossil fuels are worse than renewables for air quality, but when comparing fossil fuels oil burning boilers are much worse than newer gas units, especially when compared with brand-new condensing natural gas furnaces. This New York Times Article goes into good detail about the negative health effects of oil boilers, specifically those burning dirtier No. 6 oil, in New York City.

  3. There are huge incentives to switch from oil to gas available to New Jersey homeowners! As if the massive savings in fuel cost weren't enough, state and federal programs can make purchasing a brand new high efficiency furnace or boiler possible with little or no money down. The Home Performance with Energy Star Program provides thousands in rebates and more in zero or low interest loans to finance projects which can include oil to gas conversion, new HVAC systems, air sealing, insulation, and new high efficiency hot water heaters.

If your home is still using oil, now is the time to change! Converting from oil to gas with Building Sciences is a cost-saving, healthy, and comfortable option that comes with our guarantee of customer satisfaction. Call us today to learn more!