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The owners of this home were tired of high energy bills and wanted a way to upgrade their old equipment and make their home more comfortable and cost-effective. They complained of some rooms being very drafty, especially in the winter time, and were interested in identifying what the problem was... Read More
The homeowners had recently purchased this lovely ranch home in Parlin, and were looking to replace the old and inefficient HVAC systems. They also expressed concerns about insulation levels and the age of their hot water heater. Wanting to create the most comfortable and cost-effective home to... Read More
The homeowner of this large but old Maplewood home was concerned about their high heating bills and wanted to reduce their energy use. Additionally, the home was very drafty in multiple areas, and the homeowner wanted to make the house more comfortable for their family, especially their kids. They... Read More
The home had extremely old and hazardous insulation and the customer did not feel comfortable with it being in the home. There had been some pest infestation, and some parts of the attic contained animal urine stains and animal droppings. This presents a hazard because as air flows through the home... Read More
The owner of this home was trained as an engineer and had very specific needs that he demanded to be met down to the smallest detail. After interviewing several other companies for the job and kicking them out of the door, we were selected because he felt comfortable that our team is as technically... Read More
This customer was very energy conscious; she desired to maximize her home’s energy performance for the benefit of her living comfort and to reduce her energy costs. There were many issues that she hoped to address by doing a home performance retrofit. Her boiler had just been replaced but she still... Read More
The owner of this split level home was concerned about her high energy costs and sought to improve the overall efficiency of her home. She worried that she was losing money because of drafts, and the need to constantly run heating and cooling equipment to keep the home comfortable.
The owners of this 1,200 square foot ranch home in a small beach town were dissatisfied with the consistently high costs of their energy bills and constant need to adjust the thermostat to comfortable in their living space. The home never seemed to be warm enough in the winter nor cool enough... Read More
This is a typical two story home with a garage wall sharing at least one wall with conditioned area. The homeowners noticed that in the room that wall is in (the living room) it is much cooler in the winter and hotter in the summer. This is a result of unsealed seams that allow air to penetrate and... Read More
Like many homeowners along the coast of New Jersey, the owner of this beautiful three story, 2,344 square foot home was concerned with replacing equipment damaged by Super Storm Sandy. The Heating systems, cooling systems, and hot water heater were all submerged in several feet of water. In... Read More


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UV Lights Kill Air Borne Coronas Virus and other Influenza viruses
For Residential and Light Commercial ApplicationsThe Coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, is a virus that is mostly transmitted through the air in water droplets found in coughs and sneezes by those... Read more