The owner of this split level home was concerned about her high energy costs and sought to improve the overall efficiency of her home. She worried that she was losing money because of drafts, and the need to constantly run heating and cooling equipment to keep the home comfortable.


 The findings of the audit revealed that the equipment being used was past the optimal performance range and therefore the efficiency was severely dimished. In addition, the audit also showed that the home was more leaky than average and needed considerable amounts of sealing done.


In accordance with the customer's wishes to optimize the efficiency of the home, we suggested and upgraded the home with most energy efficient kitchen appliances, furnace, AC, and domestic water heater available. We insulated the attic slopes with 5” of high density foam to stabilize temperature and reduce draftiness in the home and sealed other shell penetrations such as the perimeter rim joists with the same high density foam. To maximize efficiency and air quality, we also installed a programable thermostat, an ultraviolet air purifier, an air humidifier and an air cleaner. After installing all of these measures, this client was not only able to live in a cleaner and more comfortable atmosphere, but she was also able to save 35% on her energy bills.

THE RESULTS: View the pictures above to see the before and after difference!