The homeowners had recently purchased this lovely ranch home in Parlin, and were looking to replace the old and inefficient HVAC systems. They also expressed concerns about insulation levels and the age of their hot water heater. Wanting to create the most comfortable and cost-effective home to enjoy for years, they called Building Sciences in for an energy audit.


The home audit confirmed the owner's suspicions about the old equipment. The furnace and air conditioner were relics, both from the 80's, and were horribly inefficient. The water heater was slightly inefficient, but also 12 years old-- with an average lifespan of 10-12 years, it was in need of replacing as well. In the attic, we found significant air leakage due to the lack of any air sealing, as well as just 4 inches of insulation-- way below our recommended minimum of 12 inches. It was clear that this home was in dire need of an energy makeover. 


We first recommended air sealing the attic plane and installing 9 inches of cellulose insulation in the attic. For the HVAC, we recommended installing a new high-efficiency furnace and air conditioner, as well as a power-vented water heater. The new equipment would be much more efficient, while simultaneously improving the safety of the home. Due to the improvements we would make in terms of insulation and air sealing, combined with the fact that the original units were slightly oversized, we were able to propose HVAC equipment that was much smaller than the old equipment-- saving the customer big money. We projected that the changes would save them over 25% on their utility bills each year. 


With 9 inches of new insulation in the attic, air sealing all over the home, a cutting-edge condensing furnace, high-efficiency air conditioner, and a power-vented water heater, the homeowners were confident that they were moving into an affordable and comfortable space that would last them years. 

A look at the finished work in the attic. The gray cellulose insulation on the floor has had air sealing work done underneath it. Visible as well is the air sealing and polyiso insulation installed on the kneewall bordering the home. In the bottom right is the new attic hatch, which has been insulated with polyiso and air sealed to provide a tight seal between the home and the attic.