Many customers ask us this question upfront:  How much does it cost to install an AC?  Well, the answer to that is always:  "It depends".  Just as if you were asked "How much does a car cost?" You know that answer is has very wide boarders.  So to with an AC install.  

Types of Install

Replacement - You already have an AC, typically central AC in the basment or attic, you have all the ducts already installed.  It's old, broken, or on it's last legs.  You will need the coils, and the condenser replaced.  Typically the heating system is physically attached, but the replacement of the furnace at the same time is not required, but receommended.  Install time is typically 1 day for just an AC. If you are looking for a new AC, read our blog article on 5 things to look for in a new AC system.   

New Install - Ok in this case you don't have any ducts in your home. Perhaps you have a boiler with radiators and window AC units.  For this option, which is much more comprehensive, you will need an air-handler, coils and a condenser to make up a central AC unit.  In addition, you will need new ductwork installed.  That sometimes means cutting thru floors, walls etc. Sometimes not so much.  You will also need 40 ams on your electrical panel. 40 amps is typically 2 circuit breakers paired together.  To install the condenser outside, most towns require a zoning review.  So this can be done. It's very routine, but the install time is typically one full week. 

Costs?  Replacement systems vary from $3,500 to $9,500.  New Installs, which includes ductwork are typically $15,000 and upwords.  

Rebates and Incentives:  NJ Clean Energy offers rebates of $300 - $4,000 when qualifying equipment is installed.  You can see the list here.

For a Complete AC and Furnace Special:  Click here to see a package price.  

Please note that these are ballpark figures and your install cost can vary significantly. Best is to call us and let us sit down in your home and give you a FREE, no cost, no obligation quote. 

So whatever your needs are, be they new or replacement - we will be delighted to be of service to you.  Please call us to schedule your FREE, no obligation, no cost estimate.  Belive us, you will be glad you did!

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Call us today:  973-786-3700 for a FREE in-home Estimate

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