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Building Sciences LLC offers oil to gas conversion services in northern New Jersey

Switch from oil to natural gas now and save both money and peace of mind.  Total cost can vary from $6,000 all the way to $25,000 and more.  We can find a package that fits your budget and all customers are encouraged to apply for our $0/down packages. 

There are so many reasons why switching to natural gas will increase your home’s energy efficiency, which is why we at Building Sciences, LLC are now offering a no-money-down special.

Our No-Money-Down Special

This special offer includes:

  • New boiler or furnace installed
  • New water heater
  • 6” insulation in your attic
  • New Wi-Fi thermostat
  • Energy audit
  • Weatherization (seal drafts)
  • Misc. safety improvements
  • 1 year on-site warranty
  • 5 year parts warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

For no-money-down, only $119.05 a month and 0% interest, you’ll have everything done in just 4 days without ever experiencing a break in heating service or hot water service. We have completed over 1,500 oil to gas conversions in the last year alone, making it one of the most popular services we provide.

If you live within the North, Central and Shore areas of New Jersey, take advantage of our oil-to-gas conversion special!

Call us today at 973-786-3700 to learn more.

Increase your home's energy efficiency.

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Very Satisfied with Oil to Gas Conversion

We are very satisfied with our oil to gas conversion. We were pretty unsure of the process we needed to go through, but it was clear that your team were professionals who had done work like this hundreds of times before. The work was clean, timely, and impressive. Whenever I talk to a neighbor who still has an oil system I reccomend you guys to them. Thank you!

Richard E.
Millburn, NJ
This small single story ranch home had been unoccupied for quite some time before the current owners took residence. As a result it was in poor... Read More


Oil to Gas Can Save You Thousands

Thursday, July 23, 2015

At Building Sciences, we specialize in helping homeowners with oil to gas conversions. With a proper energy audit, air sealing, insulation, and high efficiency appliances, typical homes save thousands on their energy bills over the lifetime of the home.