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Air Balancing

One of our technicians, Arturo tests the supply of a kitchen for correct CFM

Testing and Air Balancing (TAB) should really be called VTAB - Verification, Testing and Balancing.   That is all equipment installed is verfified, and tested to engineer specs and then air balanced.  All components of the mechanical equipment are verified, and tested.  This includes electrical draw, tonage, BTU of heating, blowers, and much much more.  Equipment includes air handlers, VAV, blowers, exhaust fans, and more - assuming a proper and full TAB is called for. 

After the verification & testing of all equipment is done, the next step is to balance the system.  Balancing is the art of making the system deliver the right amount of air as specified in the engineering plans.  

A rooftop ERV supplying fresh air to 30 apartments

We are certified and have extensive experience in Testing and Air Balancing.  Wheather its a resteraunt, apartment building, school, office building, we have the expertise and knowledge to perform the rigid tests necessary to give you an accurate assessment.  If anything falls deficient (happens every day) we will provide you clear guidance on how to remedy so we can return and give you an all-clear report.  

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Air Balancing Certification