Air sealing, believe it or not, is one of the most cost effective energy efficiency improvements a building can undergo. Equally important, a lack of air sealing can greatly reduce the effectiveness of any insulation that is installed.

The R-Value (thermal resistance) of insulation is determined under the assumption that there will be no air infiltration throughout the insulation — it assumes that there will be adequate air sealing around the insulation. Once insulation is exposed to air movement (air moving up through your attic floor, for example), the effectiveness of the insulation decreases.

Why Choose Building Sciences LLC?

Every time we install insulation, we work to ensure that air leaks are sealed. We check utility penetrations, cracks and gaps, seams between building materials and other leaks around windows and doors, recessed lighting and ceiling fans, and anywhere else that air may be able to leak through the building's thermal envelope.

Using a combination of caulk, spray foam and weatherstripping, we identify the most cost effective methods for improving your building's air barriers. Because the materials are relatively inexpensive, and because much of the most important work takes place in the attic and basement (where you don't have to worry about fancy trim or replacing drywall), the upfront cost is usually pretty low.

In a world of uncertainty, air sealing is a sure thing for boosting home efficiency.

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Air sealing will save you a bundle on heating and cooling costs.


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Great Job!

We are VERY happy with the work on our home! We were hesistant about the Energy Star program at first, but we're saving a TON on our energy bills and our upstair bedroom is finally comfortable without a fan or a space heater. Thanks! :)

Lisa R.
Westfield, NJ

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