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Reclaim some healthy living space with our basement waterproofing services!

Wet basements mean mold and mold means poor air quality. No one wants mold in the house, so many of us just close the basement door and look the other way. A dry basement allows for so much opportunity to expand your living space.

Before you look the other way at your wet basement again - consider this:

1: The Signs of a Moisture Problem Vary

There is no one rule that determines whether or not you have a problem that requires basement waterproofing solutions. Some of these signs may be cracked walls, peeling paint, dark mold in damp areas, white powdery residue or bubbling paint along the bottom of the walls.

2: The Causes of Basement Water Problems Vary Even More

New Jersey has a particularly humid climate and where there is a will, water will find a way into your home. Water can get into your basement from a flood, leaky walls, floors and joists. Did you know that water can even pass through concrete? Chances are there are many factors contributing to your wet basement.

3: The Solutions are Clear to Us at Building Sciences LLC

There may even be more solutions than there are causes for your problem. Because we take a holistic approach and see your home as a system, we will find the right solution for your specific problems. These may or may not include the following services:

  • Sump pump
  • Vapor barrier
  • Weeping holes
  • Perimeter drainage system
  • French drains

We'll help get your basement in proper order. Get in touch to learn more about our basement waterproofing services!

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Your team leaders were top notch. They were very considerate of the fact that I have a young child in the home and were sure to use extra caution in all aspects of the work. I could tell that they really care, and for me that is the most important thing!

Matt F.
Basking Ridge, NJ

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