Building Sciences LLC offers cellulose insulation services in northern New Jersey

Our cellulose insulation contracting services are a highly effective, environmentally-friendly energy efficiency solution.

Cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspaper and treated with borate for fire retardance. The even distribution of blown cellulose insulation makes for a high performance product that has come into increasing favor among green builders and building energy efficiency experts.

Benefits of Cellulose Insulation


Cellulose is made from recycled newspaper, so it's an earth-friendly insulation solution. You can also rest assured that it's a safe product to have in your house -- no formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals.

Consistent High Performance

Because cellulose is blown into cavities as small particles rather than installed in batt form, which means the space is far less likely to have gaps and air leaks around the edges. With cellulose, you can expect consistently high performance for a cozier, more energy efficient home.

Fire Retardant

Cellulose is treated with the flame retardant borate, which is highly effective at slowing down the spread of fires. In fact, a house that is insulated with blown in cellulose insulation is safer from a fire-hazard standpoint than an uninsulated house.

Why Choose Building Sciences LLC?

Our technicians employ best practices in building science when installing blown cellulose insulation in your home or business. Years of experience delivering the highest quality product with unparalleled customer service has led to our reputation as a leading cellulose insulation contractor, serving homes and businesses in northern and central New Jersey.

For more information about the benefits of cellulose insulation, to determine whether it's right for your home or to schedule a consultation, call us at 973-786-3700 or contact us here!

An environmentally-friendly insulation solution.

Cellulose insulation gets your home comfortable, fast.


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When I had Building Sciences do work for me, I had no idea how thorough you were going to be in my attic and around the house. You fixed problems I did not even know I had as part of your insulation and weatherization. Your workers are the best! I am telling all my friends and family about you!

Mary H.
Fanwood, NJ

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