Building Sciences LLC offers commercial energy retrofits in northern New Jersey

Boost The Efficiency Of Your Commercial Building With An Energy Retrofit.

Remodeling an inefficient commercial building one of the smartest investments you can make. The cost of energy waste from an old or poorly built building could be significantly impacting your bottom line or, worse, creating an unsafe indoor environment. Avoiding a potential problem could end up costing you thousands of dollars in damage repair costs. Comfort, safety, energy efficiency and preventative maintenance are among the main goals when retrofitting a commercial building. At Building Sciences LLC, we work with designers, planners, building owners, investors and other professionals to ensure your retrofit goes smoothly and efficiently. Our certified experts can help you decide which services are most appropriate for your building.

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Energy Remodeling?

  • Improved year-round comfort

  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Reduced energy bills

  • Less drafty

  • Avoided structural damage

  • Reduced impact on the environment

Commercial Energy Retrofits For Central & Northern New Jersey Buildings

We offer a number of commercial energy retrofit services, including improved insulation, air sealing, and comprehensive analyses that outline specific steps for improving your commercial building's energy performance.

Structural Improvements

Commercial energy retrofits often include structural improvements like added air sealing, replacement windows and doors as well as insulation for the roof, ceiling, attic, secondary walls and floors. Business energy remodeling can serve a number of purposes that may not always be obvious: ice dams, for example, are typically caused by insufficient insulation and air sealing. An insulation retrofit can prevent ice dams and other structural issues, potentially avoiding thousands of dollars in damage repair costs.

HVAC Systems

Retrofitting heating equipment in older buildings results in an average savings of 30–80% in energy use and a 30-100% reduction of CO2 outlets. Retrofit projects often involve tuning up heating and cooling (HVAC) systems like air conditioning, furnace/boiler and  hot water systems, or adding thermostats in all rooms. We can provide tips for improving air quality, like replacing products with low-VOC alternatives.

Energy Production & Consumption

How a building utilizes energy is a crucial component to its efficiency. Energy retrofitting often includes switching to green power through solar panels, solar hot water, heating pellets and bio-gas. Updating systems and appliances with energy efficient models is also an important process. We’ll help you choose ENERGY STAR-certified products, switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs and/or LED light bulbs and reduce water use by installing aerators and low-flow showerheads.

Where Do You Start?

If you have a commercial building that may be wasting energy, potentially unsafe or in danger of need major repairs, the best place to start is with a comprehensive energy audit. Our team at Building Sciences LLC will inspect your building’s major structural, electrical and mechanical systems to see where your building’s energy performance, safety and comfort can be improved.

With commercial retrofits, we suggest conducting infrared testing as a reliable diagnostic tool that can save you a lot of time, energy and resources. Thermal scans will pinpoint the exact location and culprit of heat loss and gain so as to help our team make data-informed retrofit decisions.

Whatever your commercial energy remodeling needs, we offer the services and products to fit your next project. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a free phone consultation!

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