Building Sciences LLC offers crawlspace repair services in northern New Jersey

Crawlspaces in a home present unique challenges not encountered in other areas of the home. They are prone to moisture problems that can be caused by water outside the space that may be getting in, vapor from an unsealed dirt floor or ventilation wafting air from outside into the space. Moisture within a crawlspace will always eventually begin to impact the structure of the building. This moisture is appealing to unwanted things like termites and mold, and will quickly begin to cause rot. It affects the air you breathe within your home and can affect your health. A properly sealed crawlspace will remain dry, keep fungi and molds from growing in the space and home and keep the home above dry.

Once these problems are identified the crew finds ways to repair the issues. They will fill cracks with expanding foam, lay down plastic liner, seal any leaks in duct work, and/or insulate the whole area to block any moisture that could enter the space. Each crawlspace presents its own level of challenges and no two are approached the same way. Our crew finds solutions that best work for your space, coming up for individual plans for every home. They are dedicated to a finding and creating a final, permanent solution to your crawlspace problems. 

The technicians at Building Sciences are trained to recognize and repair problems within a crawlspace and are trained in eliminating the sources of moisture, dehumidification of the area, duct repair, air sealing, and insulation. The crew does a thorough inspection of the area, looking for anything that may be allowing water or moisture into the crawl space. They look for cracks in the foundation, unsealed floors, improper roof runoff, and poor ventilation, among other problems.

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When I had Building Sciences do work for me, I had no idea how thorough you were going to be in my attic and around the house. You fixed problems I did not even know I had as part of your insulation and weatherization. Your workers are the best! I am telling all my friends and family about you!

Mary H.
Fanwood, NJ

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