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Electrical Testing

Before electrical components fail, infrared testing can detect hot spots – clear signals that something is wrong with the electrical system. Commonly, overloaded circuits and loose connections are found during inspection. Detecting hot spots can prevent high energy bills, electrical shut downs and improve the safety of your building and workplace.

How This Service Works  

Typically, customer will call us to come and scan thier electrical panels, switches and more. We will spend the day or days as necessary, doing infrared scans. Anything immidately that represents an immidiate danger is identified to the customer for immidiate action. Any thing else that shows up as abnormal is classified according to severity, and identified in a detailed report that we produce and submit to the customer electronically and in a hard cover, three-ring binder. 

In addition to the infrared image, there is also a visible light image (standard photograph) take. So you have a very detailed image, writeup in each anololy.  What we find tis that the first time, there are many issues that are found. The following years, the number of anomolies goes down and down.  

If you want to reduce the faults, and downtime due to electrical issues in your office, plant then this is definately something you can use. Most customers tell us the reduction of downtime paid for the services the very first year.  

Call us today to discuss your building, electtrical maintenence plan. We are certified to Level II infrared which is a higher certiffication then a Level I as it allows for quantitative measurement, not just qualitative. 



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