Find The “Hot Spots” In Your Commercial Building With Infrared Thermography Testing.

Building Sciences LLC offers infrared thermal scans for commercial buildings across central and shore areas of NJ, so that building professionals can make informed decisions based on a trusted diagnostic tool. We can help you pinpoint the trouble spots in your building’s roofing, structural and electrical systems. Whether you suspect your building has a problem or you’d like to prevent major system failures and even injury, infrared testing can help. Get a jump start and schedule your thermal scans with Building Sciences LLC today.

How Does Infrared Testing Work?

Infrared thermography, along with other non-destructive testing techniques, are used to identify temperature differentials. All materials emit electromagnetic radiation based on the object’s temperature. In infrared thermography, infrared imagers (or “radiometers”) detect and measure radiation across surfaces. The imagers convert the radiation into electrical signals that are represented through a color or black and white display. The temperature differentials can then be mapped and identified. Infrared testing is used to identify sources of heat gain and loss including air leakage, solar heating, wet areas and poorly functioning equipment and systems.

Infrared Testing Services For Commercial Buildings In Central And Northern New Jersey

Electrical Testing

Before electrical components fail, infrared testing can detect hot spots – clear signals that something is wrong with the electrical system. Commonly, overloaded circuits and loose connections are found during inspection. Detecting hot spots can prevent high energy bills, electrical shut downs and improve the safety of your building and workplace.

Structural Testing

You don’t need to tear down a wall to tell if it is well insulated. Whether you’re looking to seal your commercial building’s perimeter (also called the “building envelope”) or considering purchasing a new commercial property, infrared thermography can give you the information you need without causing more damage to a building’s structure. We can detect everything from missing reinforcement grout in concrete and brick to misplaced insulation batts.

Roof Testing

Roof inspection services with infrared testing are meant to detect temperature differentials created by saturated insulation in the roof assembly. It’s no longer necessary to spend the time, cost and resources to remove the ceiling and trace moisture back to an original intrusion point in the roof. We can help you pinpoint the spot and improve the energy efficiency of your building.

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