Insulation Removal

Rodents or Racoon Droppings in Your Attic?

In most cases, your existing insulation in just fine. Even old, dusty insulation is OK. We usually augment the existing insulation to make your home more cozy and energy efficient.

But in some cases, the removal of existing insulation is warranted for both better efficiency and your health. In such cases, Building Sciences will remove your insulation for you. Whether you want your old insulation removed due to old age, decay or animal infestation, our professional team can take out the old and bring in the new. In most cases this can all be done in a single day.

Stop Bacteria and Unwanted Insulation Contaminants

To prevent against the spread of harmful bacteria from invasive animals and the droppings that they leave behind, we can also sanitize your attic with strong germicide to eliminate as much bacteria as possible. We will also add baffles to allow air to vent through your attic. If requested, we will air seal your attic to prevent against conditioned air loss.

For your safety and comfort, we use powerful insulation suction machines, which sit outside your home. These powerful machines utilize very long hoses and operate and collect the debris of the old insulation outside of the house so that we do not have to drag your old insulation through your home. Replacement options for your old insulation include fiberglass, cellulose and foam. Insulation could also be installed on the attic floor (as in this case) or on the attic slopes.

We'll work with you to figure out a plan that best suits your needs and budget. Contact us to schedule your insulation evaluation.

Got dirty insulation?

We offer professional insulation removal services.


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Very Polite and Professional!!

Everyone involved was VERY polite and professional!!! The insulation team was very helpful!

Luann P.
New Providence, NJ

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The home had extremely old and hazardous insulation and the customer did not feel comfortable with it being in the home. There had been some pest... Read More


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Monday, October 15, 2012

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