Repair Heating System

Our Weil McLein steam boiler stopped working. We called PSE&G, who we had a worry free guarantee with, who came out and told us it had a crack and needed to be replaced. We called around and had about 6 heating companies come out to give us a quote on the job.

Most came in, looked at the BSU, if even, then shot us a price and were in and out within 5-15 minutes. Everett from Building Science returned our call and when he heard that we had no heat at all and on a Friday night, arranged for the senior project manager Steve to come out to our home.

Despite being out all day, the fact that he was squeezing us in and that it was later in the evening, Steve sat down with us for almost an hour. He took measurements, he checked specs, he drew us pictures of how and why things weren't working, how they should be working and why the cost is what it is and discussed payments and financing with us.

Their satisfaction guarantees were very fair and were above and beyond what anyone else had offered to us. He fit us in first thing that Monday morning. The crew came out on time, explained what they would be doing, they were professional, put down tarps and coverings to keep our flooring clear, got the old boiler out, go the new one in, swept the floors after and were done 2 hours before their estimated finishing time. I cannot express enough how impressed I am with their professionalism and their quality work. They were worth every penny.

Karen M.