A home energy audit is often the first step in making your home more efficient. An audit can help you assess how much energy your home uses and evaluate what measures you can take to improve efficiency, comfort and safety.  An energy audit is necessary to gain access to incentives and rebates from the NJ Clean Energy program.  These rebates can be from $2,000 up to $4,000.  Loans are also available for $5,000 - $15,000.  


Building Sciences LLC provides several levels of audits.  Our audits comply with the design and philosophy of the national accepted Building Performance Institute (BPI) audit methodology.  Building Sciences has certified technicians that carry the full BPI certification needed to conduct your home energy audits.  We are also accredited as a company by BPI.

Since 2009, Building Sciences has completed over 8,000 audits all over NJ and complted over 900 projects under the NJ Clean Energy program (as of 6/2016) making us #1 in Nothern NJ for completed home improvement projects under the NJ Clean Energy program.  

There are three types of audits we offer

Level I Audit:  A trained technican will go through the house and review your heating, cooling, hot water system. Plus they will look into the insulation levels in the home - basement, attic, walls and finally they will look for any areas that may be safety concerns. Your input into what comfort issues there may be in the home will also be considered. From this auidt, a checklist of recommended improvements, alok[ng with associated costs will also be generated.   

Level II Audit: A level II audit encompasses all of level I Audit plus it includes a blower door test of the home, various combustion safety tests, detailed data input into specialized energy efficiency software and a detailed output from that software. This audit is compliant with the NJ Clean Energy program, and output from this audit can be used to create a formal agreement, scope of work, and apply for rebates and incentives.

Level III Audit: This is the most advanced audit you will find and this audit is geared to those select customers who want a ton of information about thier home and mechanical equipment. They may or may not want to change thier equipment and they are more focused on solving particlar issue in thier home, rather then simply replacing equipment or adding even more insulation. This customer does not want you to walk around with a clip board and in five minutes sit down with a "solution".

The Level III Audit (AKA Advanced Energy Audit)
The needs of this customer exceed a standard audit - which is focused on whole house solutions, rebates and financing - as in "what will make my whole house more energy efficient and what is my down payment". This Level III audit is far broader then those questions, and is a deep dive into your home, and adresses your room by room issues like some rooms too hot and some floors too cold, energy and air losses.

Advanced Energy Audit
Simply replacing your heating/cooling or adding insulation in the attic will not solve an imbalanced heating/cooling system, not will that solve most of the underlying air distribution and leakage issues. Nor will that fix a poorly designed system.
What you need is an advanced diagnostic Level III audit. The amount of data you will get from our Level III audt will far exceed what you will get from other energy audits, and will exceed the kind of information you will get from 99.9% of mechanical companies. This audit will take 3-5 hours to conduct in your home, and from our detailed report, you will know EXACTLY what to do.

This audit not only shows you how to make your home more energy efficient and safe (level II audit), it gives you the answers to make your home comfortable on a room by room level, shows you how much energy you are losing, and quantifies it in a way that makes sense by showing you the impact of these inefficiencies in dollars and cents and lays out a detailed room by room solution.

To be able to give you this level of solution, we collect room data, we measure the air coming out of each and every vent in the house, we measure the air flow of the furnace and air handler, humidity in the air, compare findings to manuufacturer specifications, and we meausre the static pressure of your heating/cooling system. The static pressure of your heating/cooling system is the equivilant of your blood pressure. Imagine if you went to the doctor's office and they did not take your pulse and blood pressure. In a Level III audit, we will take the pulse and blood pressure (air pressure) of your HVAC system. This is not yet common practice and thus most compaies miss one of the most critical measurements of a properly performing system. We will perform this critical test for you as part of a Level II audit. 

We do this, using sophisticated data collection instuments not carried commonly by other companies. This report will show you what changes are needed, what the actual efficiency of your heating and cooling systems are operating at, how much air is being lost and what that means in dollars for you and much more.

Optional is a flull detailed duct leakage test, which further quantifies energy loss and worse, why your indoor air quality may be bad.  

Call us today and let us get you on your way to a more energy efficient, money-saving home:


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