Serving NYC, NJ and Philly Areas

Need Air Balancing For a Restaurant?  We specialize in air balancing for restaurants. Need it fast in order to open? We offer expedited service and NEXT-DAY reports!

We specialize in helping new businesses get their Air Balancing report for the purposes of getting a permit.

We provide independent, certified & experienced Testing and Air Balancing (TAB)  services.   We serve NYC, NJ, and Philly areas. We also serve the Washington DC and Central Florida areas from our Maryland and Orlando offices respectively.  

As part of a normal TAB service, we test either all mechanical equipment installed or ONLY the essentials. Depends on what you are looking for. 

That is all equipment is verified and tested to engineer specs and then air balanced.  This includes electrical draw, tonnage, BTU of heating, blowers, and much much more.  Equipment includes air handlers, VAV, blowers, exhaust fans, and more. 

            Air Balancing Restaurant   

After the verification & testing of all equipment is done, the next step is to balance the system.  Balancing is the art of making the system deliver the right amount of air as specified in the engineering plans.  After all that is done, we go back to the office and in a few days, email you a detailed report showing you the testing and balancing performed. This report is typically sent to the engineer in charge of the project.  

A rooftop ERV supplying fresh air

We are certified and have extensive experience in Testing and Air Balancing.  Whether it's a restaurant, apartment building, school, office building, we have the expertise and knowledge to perform the rigid tests necessary to give you an accurate assessment.  If anything falls deficient (happens every day) we will provide you clear guidance on how to remedy it so we can return and give you an all-clear report. 

We serve ALL of NJ, NYC and Philly areas.  Call us today to discuss:  973-544-6800  or email us:

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